Italy Masterclass 2014

7 Lodging days: Mon. Sept 29th to Mon. Oct 6th
4 Class Days: Wed Oct 1st to Sat Oct. 4th

Come explore the beauty of the stunning Amalfi Coast. Master photography and lighting while enjoying delicious food, wine, and great company. Experience the best photography education while strolling the colorful streets of charming little towns, and standing above ancient cliffs overlooking the azure Mediterranean.

The class will be held at 2 villas in the stunning ancient coastal town of Sorrento, and will feature excursions to Amalfi, Positano, and the fabled island of Capri. This once-in-a-lifetime experience marries Speedlite training with street shooting, models, amazing food & wine, and new friends. Join us on this exciting educational adventure.


Bob Davis Stephen

Bob Davis

After more than 25 years in the business including 14 years as an award-winning photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Bob Davis’ photo and teaching assignments continually carry him around the globe.  A member of Canon Explorer’s of Light team,
Bob believes that the power of photography lies in its ability to tell a story by documenting moments in time.

Stephen Eastwood

Stephen is a veteran of commercial and fashion photography.  He is sought after by nearly every name in the business, and he always delivers photos that WOW and AMAZE.  A Canon Explorer of Light and master educator, Stephen has been teaching hands-on workshops across the globe for 10 years. 

The Curriculum

The Curriculum (Class days are Wed. Oct. 1st until Sat. October 4th)

The Italy Masterclass is full of action-packed education that will energize and inspire you to be the very best photographer you can be.  With two masters of Speetlite education in the lead, this class will teach you the very best techniques for portable, on-location lighting and dramatic composition.  The class goes from sunup to sundown…and then some. You will eat, drink, and sleep creativity and form new friendships that will last
for a lifetime.

This class is all about learning by doing:  each day, you’ll go on an exciting photographic excursion to learn how to approach lighting in every imaginable situation.  The education focuses heavily on learning how to use portable lighting to maximum effect.  You’ll experience a diverse and constantly-changing array of lighting challenges and opportunities, and Bob and Stephen will show you how to overcome the obstacles and maximize the potential of every location.  Speaking of locations, your learning environment will be four of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Amalfi, Positano, Capri, and Sorrento will be the most amazing “classroom” you’ve ever experienced.

Class Excursions


You will be staying in one of two historic villas located in the outskirts of Sorrento.  The villas offer terraced gardens, panoramic views, beautiful decks, and exquisite architecture, providing luxury accommodations that complement the learning.  You will receive a private bedroom and bathroom with your class registration, and options are available for family members or friends who wish to tag along.


This experience is as much about great food as it is great photography!  Designed to introduce you to the best of Italian cuisine, the masterclass includes all meals on class days—including wine.  We’ll start each day with breakfast at the villa, and lunch and dinner will be served at amazing restaurants in each excursion city.

What to Bring

Camera Gear: Your camera, your best lenses, speedlight flashes, a reflector, a portable scrim, small lightstands, and a laptop.

Clothing and Toiletries: It’s best to bring all the clothing you need for the week.  Each villa has a washing machine but there are no dryers.  Bring whatever toiletries you need with you, as unlike hotels, the villas do not supply soap, shampoo, etc.


Temperatures on the Amalfi coast will average a very pleasant 74 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 58 degrees at night, so jackets/sweaters are recommended. The chance of rain is minimal, but bring a light rain jacket just in case.


There are several options for arriving at the villa.  You may fly* into either Rome or Naples, and then proceed to the villa via public transportation or rental car.  A high-speed train can take you from Rome to Naples, and from Naples you can take the bus, a regional train, or a taxi to Sorrento.  If you arrive via bus or train, we will pick you up in Sorrento and bring you to the villa.  If you choose to rent a car, the drive from the Rome airport to the villa is about 3 1/2 hours, and the drive from Naples is about 1 hour.  *MZed recommends Delta airlines and has arranged a modest discount for all students who choose to fly Delta.


$3,495 per person attending the class, which includes accommodations for seven nights, all meals on class days, model fees, excursion transportation, and all education. 

Prices start at just $850 additional for family members or friends who are not attending class but will share your room, and discounts are available for multiple people who sign up for the class. For any of these scenarios, please contact us for details.

EZPAY:  If desired, an EZPAY plan breaks the cost into three $1200 payments. A $1200 deposit is required to reserve your spot, $1200 is due on April 1st, and the balance of $1200 is due June 1st.  EZPAY is available online, just click the REGISTER button above.



*Discount meeting code for Delta flights:


The travel dates available for discount are
September 22, 2014-October 13, 2014